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Who we are?

Profitever traders kick-started on …. with a keen objective to provide solutions to the investors in terms of their intraday, short term and long term returns. We also provide training and support to our clients online and live through our dedicated program – Trade & Earn with Us.

Are you a beginner at trading? We do have a clear roadmap on learning to trade effectively and earn within a …… span of time. With our day trading & intraday trading tips.

Stop Feeling lost and let me set your Profit

  • Daily 5 – 7 Accurate Trade
  • With Perfect Entry / Exit
  • With Proper Targets, Points & Stop Loss
  • Daily 5000 – 10000 Profit
  • Live Market Guidance by our expert


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Our services help you to be a successful trader

Mrs. Rahini Sekar

Founder & Chief Mentor

About Founder

Rahini Sekar, founded Profitever Traders, after learning the intricacies in trading. Her learning was from the mountain of hurdles she faced for a decade in day trading which turned out to provide solution for most of the traders.

Having graduated as a university rank holder in Engineering from Anna University, She stepped into trading field which is very rare for a young girl. She now is an NSIM certified professional and an expert in Price Action Strategies. She is a technical Analyst using institutional trading analysis. She is also a digital marketing expert.

Pricing Plans


₹ 9999/-


  • Get Daily Updates on the market
  • Buy and Sell Accordingly
  • Get Pofiltable income
  • Instant Chat option


₹ 24999/-


  • Get Daily Updates on the market
  • Buy and Sell Accordingly
  • Get Pofiltable income
  • Instant Chat option


₹ 49999/-


  • Get Daily Updates on the market
  • Buy and Sell Accordingly
  • Get Pofiltable income
  • Instant Chat option

Live Day Trading Chat Room

Exchange trade ideas with our day trading courses community in real-time and grow together.
You join a group of like-minded day traders from all around the world and boost your learning.
Our community holds you accountable and helps you reach your trading goals.



Which company is best for daily trading?

Profitever Traders is a top choice for daily trading in India. With their comprehensive resources and experienced mentors like Mrs.Rahini Sekar, they provide invaluable support to traders aiming for success in the Indian market.

How do I do day trading?

To start day trading, you’ll need a brokerage account, sufficient capital, and a solid understanding of the market. Develop a trading strategy, manage risk carefully, and stay informed about market trends. Consider learning from expert mentors, like those at Profitever Traders, for guidance and support.

Can I earn 2000 daily in intraday trading?

Earning ₹2000 daily in intraday trading is feasible but requires skill, knowledge, and discipline. Consider seeking expert advice and intraday tips from platforms like Profitever Traders to enhance your chances of success by getting intraday trading tips.

How much do day traders make?

Day traders’ earnings vary widely based on factors like experience, strategy, market conditions, and risk management. While some traders achieve substantial profits, others may experience losses. For that purpose, learn from expert mentor MRs. Rahini Sekar at Profitever Traders for insights on potential day trading earnings.

What is the minimum day trade?

The minimum day trade refers to the smallest amount of capital required to engage in day trading. This amount varies depending on the broker and the trading platform you use. It’s essential to check with your broker for their specific minimum requirements before starting day trading.


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